Diversity at Mason series

Science of Diversity project

University data and reports

Selected faculty publications relating to DRG research and the Diversity at Mason series

  • Cho, Hyunyoung, David Haines, and Karen Rosenblum (forthcoming). Drifting Houses and Shifting Anchors, A Case of Transnational Education in Korea. In International Student Mobility, Services, and Policy in Higher Education, edited by Krishna Bista and Charlotte Foster. IGI.
  • Haines, David (2013). “More Aware of Everything”: Exploring the Returnee Experience in American Higher Education. Journal of Studies in International Education 17 (1): 19-38.
  • Rosenblum, Karen, Karen Genteman, and Ying Zhou (2009). Ambivalence: Exploring the American University Experience of the Children of Immigrants. Race, Ethnicity, and Education 12 (9): 337-348.
  • Haines, David (2007). Crossing Lines of Difference: How College Students Analyze Diversity. Intercultural Education 18 (5) 397-412.

DRG’s early years (slide presentation)